Introducing: babe nyc

Friday, October 31, 2014

.babe nyc. 
Relaxed modern everyday essentials designed by Colleen Keller in New York City. 
babe nyc: Eileen “Babe” Aloisio was a seamstress with an innate knowledge for her craft and a discerning eye. She knew how to make clothes and how to make them well.  She dressed simply, but was effortlessly chic. Natural, yet assured.  She knew exactly how her wardrobe worked because she made it – the familiarity of silk as it draped her petit frame, the movement of her woolen slacks as she walked, and the wear of her shifts as she washed, pressed and put them on again and again. What she wore was an extension of herself: honest and thoughtful, confident and smart.  Babe was the great aunt of our company’s founder, Colleen Keller. From Babe’s stories and spirit the brand was established.

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