Shoppe Chit Chat: Paris + New York

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

 This past February we travelled to Paris and New York to buy for the Fall '14 season. It was quite a momentous trip. Practiced the art of slowing down, people watched like you wouldn't believe and left full of good food and inspiration. Here's some pics...
Above is the little apartment we rented. It was perfect in every which way...
 ... it was above a cheese shop called Barthelemy. We ate cheese nearly every single day and macarons and bread, and then more cheese... and then more bread. Followed by champange. Always room for champagne.  
 Merci had me speechless. A Paris must. Shop, eat, hang and maybe even bump into a famous Fashion Designer too. Have I told you that story? If not, ask me next time you're in. Oh, and I took that selfie to remind myself never to over pack again. I pretty much wore that exact outfit and pair of shoes (New Balances and Blundstones) every single day. Function over form my friends. 
 I will live in Paris one day and I will own a flower shoppe, reside in one of these apartments and ride a bicycle to the Eiffel tower to picnic with friends, cheese and champagne. Fun fact: the apartment pictured above is where Gertrude Stein lived. Imagine the tales those walls could tell. 
 ... oh, and I'll take this sweet little black car too. Paris I love you!
For those that don't know. My husband is an avid book collector. Our house is filled to the brim with books. You could only imagine his suitcase on the way back from Paris. He ditched some shoes and clothes to make room. God bless him! One evening we attended a book reading at Shakespeare & Co. by Margaret Drabble. I marvelled over the people and atmosphere in the room, it was magical in there. Like another era (or, maybe that's the Midnight in Paris coming out of me). Either way, Shakespeare & Co. took my breath away and assisted in filling Darren's love of literature. 
 Flowers, gardens and cobblestones. 
 One things for sure, we'll continually snap graffiti pics. 
Just a couple shots of New York. We basically flew in and went straight into buying the product which you are seeing in the shoppe now. The first night we headed to a concert at The Bowery Ballroom.... more on that and our Fall inspiration to come. 

All images via. me and DB


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