The outtakes. Part 2.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013



Here's round two of some behind-the-scene moments for you. It' been a full two weeks of saw, sand, paint, repeat. We're doing our best to re-utilize as many materials from the old shoppe. Taking them apart and reconfiguring into something new. It's a cool process. My cousin Devin is brilliant at this, I've renamed him the wood whisperer.

Let's also talk about how amazing it is to have Beaucoup Bakery a mere 5 second walk away. Many a coffee and croissant have been devoured by us for reno fuel. Thank you Beaucoup! Lot's of new neighbours popping in to say hello; Heather Ross, Cadence, Carmen Tanaka (you saved me with your delicious lemonade, thank you). And, lot's of friends and neighbours from our old neck of the woods too. Thank you for coming by and welcoming us while we set up. Feels good!

As for our reopening date. It's a bit out of our hands and all up to the building (no pressure, building!). Should know more after they receive the final city inspection this week. These things just take a while. I'm learning to trust the process.

p.s. We have a new logo (see above). It's simple and clean. We like it.

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