Gots the POW!!!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Pollock Dress 
Come on! This is outstanding + it has an open back too. An OPEN BACK!!! Gah! 
Shop in store or online here

Marmont Dress 
This is Art. This is what wearing Art looks like. 
Shop in store or online here.  

Chevalier Blouse + Bauhaus Skirt 
First, this blouse is epic. Second, the skirt is too.  
Shop in store or online here.  

Warhol Dress
The gold. That lace. Enough said. And, the J.A. Murray Dress below.
Yep, I love it and I need it. Shop in store or online here

She's known for this. The way she creates a dress to have soul and make us feel immediately connected to it. Striking the quintessential tone. Bringing together a harmonious union of cool style by pairing remarkable fabrics with stunning silhouettes. She is Heidi Merrick. She is an artist and this is her medium. 

Heidi's first Holiday collection has arrived. With little peeks of Paris and LA throughout the seams. 
These are some of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen.
Shop in store or online here.  


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