Local Sewing by Heidi Merrick.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

 Local Sewing
by Heidi Merrick
All our pieces are sewn within walking distance of the studio, if not in the studio.  This matters to me, first because I believe in community.  These are the people of my neighborhood.  Secondly, I like to have control over my label -it's my name, most people would be the same way.  And thirdly, I don't like shipping all over the world sewn into my customers price point.  Isn't it better to have a name and face to the people you are paying? I love knowing when I buy an Italian designer, it's made in Italy.  Shouldn't it be the same way for a California designer?

pssst.... we have this coat in store, plus many other Heidi gems. 
If you haven't already, come and see how fabulous they are.
xo O&L

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