Wondering Around Wednesday (with my Wishlist)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Okay, so just in case Santa is reading the blog, I've decided to make a personal Christmas wish list of some of my favorite things. You know, just in case he needs a few ideas and all! 

(a)  This logical vs. imagination print by Tina Tarnoff. I have the perfect place for it in my home. 

(b)  The White Indian Bed Spread and the Kanji Stripe Pillows by Heidi Merrick. Myself and my couch will give them the warmest welcome in the world. 

via. Toms Shoes
(c)  Some new glittery shoes please. Oh, how I love thee!

 Image via.
(d)  My best friends short bread cookies.

via. Walrus
(e)  A new cool calendar for my kitchen from Walrus.

via. Skoah
(f)  Another jar of Face Balm from Skoah 'cuz it's the best product ever to exist.  Honestly, I use it every morning and every night. It's like a big hug of vitamin goodness for my skin.

 via. Peridot
(g)  Um! I love love love this Moroccan Pouf at Peridot. Would go great with the Heidi Merrick pillows and bed spread too! (Just sayin')


(h)  I love me some Nina Simone, and would love another record of hers to play on our vintage record player at home. That to me is the sound of comfort.

via. Oliver & Lilly's 
(i)  Because I am a home-body and believe you can never have too many lounge outfits. This thermal set is a must for me.

via. Oliver & Lilly's 
(j.)  A Rosemary flavored candle from Land by Land, because it smells delicious that's why.


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