Holiday Q&A with Nicole Ginsberg . Jewelry Designer

Thursday, December 09, 2010

This weeks Holiday 'one on one' is with our favourite jewelry designer; Nicole Ginsberg. We heart NG!

1.   Your favourite holiday tradition? 
Spending time at the cottage and snowboarding with my family. 

2.   Favourite holiday movie? 
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

3.   What’s on your Christmas wish list? 
Can we say Hanukkah wish list? :)
Sewing lessons from Spool of Thread; Books: Patti Smith’s memoir “Just Kids” and David Leibovitz’s “The Sweet Life in Paris”; Smythson day planner; a cozy Avoca blanket; classic Breton stripes (Leighann, hook me up!); a few extra hours of sleep.

4.   Favourite Christmas baking?
My mom’s Hungarian poppy seed roll.

5.   Champagne or rum ‘n eggnog? 
Champagne, by a mile.

6.   Where will we find you on Boxing Day? 
a.   shopping
b.   working
c.   watching movies
d.   hanging with friends & family 
e.   sleeping
7.   What does the day in the life of you look like? 
Currently, kind-of like a Jackson Pollock painting.  Life gets pretty messy with two little boys. 

8.   If you had to be a day of the week, which day of the week would you be?  
Friday – Aspirational yet relaxed? 

9.   What inspires you? 
Travel and people, including the fabulous collection of women entrepreneurs in fashion that I’ve met in this city.

10.   When in doubt, what’s your go-to outfit? 
Black heavy linen shirt dress, opaque tights, ankle boots.

11. Your last clothing/accessory purchase? 
Glasses by Oliver Peoples. I will never tire of geek chic.

12.  West or East coast? 
I live for the energy and beauty of B.C., but I think that there is a constant pull back to the calm and consistency of the East Coast if you’re born and bred there.  Proximity to NYC and Europe is also a perk. 

13.  Best vintage find? 
A Chanel 2.55 from Tokyo 

14.  Your ideal Friday evening? 
A fireplace, fondue and prosecco with my husband and friends, preferably after a great day on the slopes.

15.  You have $10 to spend in 10minutes. Go? 
Shea butter hand creme from L’Occitane.  My hands are constantly dry from working with metal. 

16.  Words to live by? 
“Well, you can only do so much.” It’s my husband’s little mantra, and an inside joke of ours. I have a classic Type A tendency to push myself to excess, so it helps to be reminded to slack off sometimes.

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