Holiday Q&A with Leah Balderson from Peridot.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

This weeks Holiday 'one on one' is with our good friend and fabulous neighbour; Leah Balderson from Peridot.

1. Your favourite holiday tradition?
Christmas Eve dinner at the Wedgewood with my Family.

2. Favourite holiday movie? 
The Grinch

3. What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? 
No list this year. Just enjoying time with family and friends.

4. Favourite Christmas baking? 
My moms Shortbread cookies.

5. Champagne or rum ‘n eggnog? 
Champagne. Hands down. Wait, maybe that's on my Christmas list. *wink

6. Where will we find you on Boxing Day? 
At home with Family.

7. What does the day in the life of you look like? 
Totally Indescribable

8. If you had to be a day of the week, which day of the week would you be? 
Sunday Funday.

9. What inspires you? 
Beautiful things.  

10. Your last clothing/accessory purchase? 
Black DemyLee Cashmere Sweater

11. West or East coast? 
East Coast

12. Your ideal Friday evening? 
Drinks with Friends. 

13. You have $10 to spend in 10minutes. Go? 
Oliver & Lilly’s Gift Card (we paid her $10 to say that) Just Kidding!

14. Words to live by? 
Live each day to the fullest.

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