Holiday Q&A with: Heidi Merrick

Saturday, November 27, 2010

 First up in our holiday one on one series is fashion designer Heidi Merrick. 

1.Your favorite holiday tradition?
Surfing with the whole family it’s 3 generations in the water. With the winter light, the clear air and the cold water it’s just magical.

2. Favorite holiday movie?
The Sound of Music, I’m not sure why it’s holiday for me.

3. What’s on your Christmas wish list?
Health for my family and maybe new buttonhole machine.

4. Favorite Christmas baking?
I don’t like sweets! But I did win a prize for a Yule log I made in high school. Maybe I’ll give that a try this year.

5. Champagne or rum ‘n eggnog?
Champagne, bien sur!

6. What does the day in the life of you look like?
That Gustav Klimt painting with the naked family and gilded quilt.

7. If you had to be a day of the week, which day of the week would you be?
I’d be the Tuesday that you don’t go to work or school you just take the time to change your own stars.

8. What inspires you?
People. I just had dinner with Yigal Azrouel and I have a serious designer crush.

9. When in doubt, what’s your go-to outfit?
Black cashmere crew neck sweater, black riding pants and nude flats.

10. Your last clothing/accessory purchase?
Said nude flats, they are Celine from Barney’s -I love!

11.West or East coast?
WEST! Hello! Mountains, deserts, beach and winter surfing, it isn’t even a contest to me.

12.Best vintage find?
I have a vintage Chanel that my first boss Jennifer Smith gave me. It’s amazing, it has the couture label from when Chanel ran the house. I’ve often wondered if she touched it.

13. Your ideal Friday evening?
Home with Hiver and Johnny, candlelight, maybe a slight wind and lots of cuddling.

14.You have $10 to spend in 10minutes. Go?
Prosecco for the studio! A wee toast and break.

15. Words to live by?
Cool and luxe! Or maybe “put on love”.

Image from Heidi Merrick and C Magazine

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